AfriConEU Vision & Objectives

AfriConEU Specific Objectives


To explore the digital innovation ecosystem in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and Tanzania and analyze local DIHs needs to create tailor-made programmes for transforming regional hubs into catalysts for digital transformation and entrepreneurship.


To develop the Flagship programme on Capacity Building for African DIHs and support thus their further development and their potential to drive the digitization process.


To create the Flagship programme on Trans-continental Partnerships. To create and enforce cooperation on an equal footing between African and European DIHs.


To organize and deliver capacity building, knowledge-sharing, and new partnership-development activities among African and European DIHs and contribute towards a vibrant digital economy and new job opportunities for the benefit of both continents.


To engage African and European DIHs, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers in a community of networked ecosystems that will foster the project results’ sustainability and exploit opportunities between the two continents.


To foster the diffusion and uptake of the AfriConEU Academy within and beyond the targeted countries, contributing thus to the realisation of the “AU-EU digital economy partnership.”


To deliver capacity building and knowledge sharing through AfriConEU Academy about the contribution of DIHs to combat the coronavirus outbreak in Europe and Africa.