Team: Fantastic 8
TradeWaveAfrica is the first transcontinental platform between Africa and Europe that promotes integration and rapprochement between small local businesses and investors who want to invest in safe businesses and thus make a profit. Through an online and offline system for those without internet in local villages, TradeWaveAfrica responds to the challenge proposed at the AfriConEU Ghana Bootcamp – Lack of common digital markets and financing gaps in Africa. How Africa – Europe create a common solution platform? through free and paid plans, bringing knowledge to small businesses and giving them visibility among investors, so that through a Win-Win relationship everyone can grow and develop. The project aims not only to be a wave in the investment and economy of local businesses, but also a social wave with a real impact on the villages and populations of Africa, since by promoting local businesses and their growth TradeWaveAfrica will promote the growth of families, communities, villages and countries in Africa. 

Team Members

Priscilla Nyamewaa Appiah

Opoku Agyemang Frederick

Sonia Adu-Fokuo

Emmanuella Appiah

Trinity Aidoo

Asabre Collins