The Technology Transfer Process | Hybrid Workshop

The Technology Transfer Process | Hybrid Workshop

Description: This workshop aims at helping Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to explore the concept of technology transfer (IoT, AI, Big data, etc.), its benefits and the legal framework to protect the technology transfer. It will explore the transfer chain, including the transfer concept, technical analysis, and value creation for innovation. Participants will learn about the technology transfer process, its benefits, and motivations.

The workshop is designed for participants in DIHs who are interested in learning about the technology transfer process and its benefits and how DIHs can support spin-off creation. It will benefit researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers who want to transfer their innovative ideas to the market.

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Formulate an action plan to transfer technology (IP) from the lab to the market.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the technology transfer process.
  • Establish the benefits of technology transfer and the motivation to do it.
  • Identify the legal framework to protect technology transfer, including an intellectual property rights and licensing overview.
  • Evaluate partnership development strategies and key considerations for successful technology transfer.


Training Material: