The Business Model Navigator | ITC Online Webinar

The Business Model Navigator | ITC Online Webinar

On the 1st of September, ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster in the framework of AfriconEU Networking Academy hosted an online webinar about the Business Model Navigator. 

The webinar’s aim was to support DIHs in developing a business model appropriate for their business and encompassing their broad service portfolio.

The event started with Gideon Brefo, CEO of HapaSpace, briefly presenting the AfriConEU Project’s mission and highlighting the future events under the umbrella of the AfriConEU Networking Academy. During the webinar, the discussion revolved around the 55 different business models and how value can be created and delivered to customers. Sasa Straus, Senior Expert at ITC, talked about innovation in business models, stating that “It’s not enough to have a great idea and just throw it, you need to enter the market and implement”. 

Initiation, ideation, integration and implementation were also highlighted, explaining that innovation now is not inventing something new but also learning from other businesses. To succeed, it’s necessary to design, build a pilot, make a test, and redesign. 90% of successful companies adapt, refine and reform the traditional patterns. 

In the Online Webinar, participants engaged in discussions during the presentations, making the event interactive and a good platform to build their network and exchange experiences. 

You can find more details about the event on our Twitter.