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Global Conference 2023

Global Conference 2023 11th-12th Apr 2023 - San Francisco, USA   Global Conference 2023 is the ultimate Startup Grind experience: an annual gathering of startup teams from around the world who are building the next big thing. If you are building, working with, or investing in startups, join the event in Silicon Valley on April

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AIBC Africa

AIBC Africa 16th-19th Jan 2023 - Nairobi, Kenya   Africa’s ability to leapfrog from one level of technological infrastructure to another makes it a potential hub for technological innovation. With its bright future, growing workforce and emerging industrial capacity, Africa stands to be a cornerstone of the future global economy, with mobile phone usage already

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Edo Innovates Technology Conference

Edo Innovates Technology Conference 29th Nov-3rd Dec 2022 - Benin City, Nigeria   The Edo Innovates Technology Conference will act as a solid and safe space for tech talents and startups to network, build local solutions for their environment, expand their horizons and strengthen the ecosystem. The goal is to: to encourage networking and collaboration

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Tech in Ghana Conference

Tech in Ghana Conference 29th-30th Nov 2022 - Accra, Ghana   Since launching in 2017, Tech in Ghana has attracted some of the biggest multinational brands in the world, alongside the region’s decision-makers, investors, fastest-growing scale-ups and founders. Join this special event to mark the platform’s 10th edition.   Register Here

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Africa Fintech Summit

Africa Fintech Summit 3rd-4th Nov 2022 - Online   Supported by an advisory board of thought leaders and fintech pioneers, the AFTS is a unique space where ideas are explored, investments mobilized, and collaborations formed across sectors and geographies. AFTS is not your standard, cut-and-dry technology conference, AFTS is a vibrant community of fintech entrepreneurs,

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What’s the future of video streaming in Africa?

What’s the future of video streaming in Africa? 21st Oct 2022 - Online   On the next episode of TechCabal Live, Damilare Dosumu, Reporter at TechCabal will be discussing with experts in the video streaming platform industry, producers, and filmmakers in Africa about the growth of video streaming in Africa; we will also examine the

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Accelerating Africa’s energy transition

Accelerating Africa's energy transition   3rd Nov 2022 - Online   Join for a conversation with two renowned energy experts; Lord Adair Turner, Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission - a global coalition of energy leaders, committed to achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century; and Rose Mutiso, Research Director at the Energy for Growth Hub -

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European Angel Investment Summit 2022

European Angel Investment Summit 2022 11th-12th Oct 2022 - Brussels, Belgium   The EAIS will allow participants a glimpse into the future, a chance to influence the course of tomorrow and a unique opportunity to connect meaningfully with other international colleagues that enable innovations to come to life. During this 2022 edition of the Summit,

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5th Annual Africa Future Summit 2022 

5th Annual Africa Future Summit 2022    22nd Sept | Online   Africa Future Summit is pleased to announce the 5th Annual (Digital) edition program powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE); scheduled to bring 5,000 Digital Delegates together in partnership with Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Hubspot, & More. Africa Future Summit is the

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Digital Manufacturing Africa 2022

Digital Manufacturing Africa 2022 27th Jul | Online Digital Manufacturing Africa 2021 is designed for CEOs, CTOs, and factory managers interested in integrating/expanding Machine Learning, AI, and IoT technology into their automation or manufacturing systems. Presentations and panel discussions will discuss return on investments, case studies, strategies for integration, technology, and manufacturing trends. The conference

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