AfriLabs Annual Gathering

AfriLabs Annual Gathering 10th-13th Oct - Kigali, Rwanda The AfriLabs Annual Gathering is AfriLabs’ flagship event that provides a unique opportunity for tech hubs within the AfriLabs network and other stakeholders of the African technology and innovation ecosystem (such as corporates, development agencies, academia, and investors) to convene, network, learn and share knowledge. The 2023

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Slush  30th Nov - 1st Dec - Helsinki, Finland Slush brings the global startup ecosystem under one roof. In cold, dark November, a curated group of speakers from across the globe, showcases, and unique networking opportunities are all in Helsinki. With hundreds of Side Events happening across the city throughout the Slush Week, the fun

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Digital Transformation Conference

Digital Transformation Conference 21st Sep 2023 - New York City, USA   Understand enterprise digital transformation best practices, learn how to overcome challenges and take insights from lessons learned with industry leaders in New York in September 2023. The Digital Transformation Conference brings together those working within the many facets of digital business transformation, innovation

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Civo Navigate

Civo Navigate 7th-8th Feb 2023 - Tampa, USA   Civo Navigate is an in-person tech event packed with talks and workshops focused on navigating and succeeding within the cloud native landscape. There will be an overriding theme of innovation, focusing on helping companies better leverage cloud-native technologies. Education will be at the forefront of all

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Girl Up 2022 STEM Innovation Lab

Girl Up 2022 STEM Innovation Lab 10th Dec 2022 - Online   Are you passionate about how youth can use STEM to change the world? Want to meet youth like you pushing past gender stereotypes to make waves in STEM? Interested in connecting with women in STEM in mentorship breakout rooms? Join us at the

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Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation 24th Nov 2022 - Online   Whether you are starting a business or working in a company or organization, at the heart of any entrepreneurial endeavors and successes, you will find creativity and innovation. This workshop will discuss the importance of these ideas within a business context. Through interactive activities, the organizers

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Entrepreneur Mastermind Meeting

Entrepreneur Mastermind Meeting 3rd Nov 2022 - Online   Attend and interact with entrepreneurs from the continent of Africa. Listen to and learn from amazing dynamic speakers. Learn a new technology tip each week to implement in your business. Develop a positive mental attitude to accomplish your goals. Brainstorm to find innovative solutions. Learn from

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AgriTech Week webinar – Scaling up innovation: from idea to market

AgriTech Week webinar - Scaling up innovation: from idea to market 10th Nov 2022 - Online   Join partners Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) and Cranfield University as they celebrate Agri-TechE’s Agri-Tech Week and discuss what it takes to scale up agricultural innovation. Hear from experts from CHAP and Cranfield University as they explain how

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Agroforestry Innovation and Collaboration between the UK and Africa

Agroforestry Innovation and Collaboration between the UK and Africa 16th Nov 2022 - Online   Interest in agroforestry is growing in the UK and Africa. Sharing ideas and developing innovations could help increase the success and adoption of agroforestry globally. Join to hear from agroforestry experts including prominent researchers, innovators and organizations from the UK

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Grant writing of innovation and research proposals

Grant writing of innovation and research proposals 2nd Nov 2022 - Online   The ACE Partner Program team is pleased to invite you to a training, experience sharing and project writing session in response to calls for proposals in the field of research, higher education and innovation in Africa and beyond.   Register Here

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