Sustainable Business Model – DIHs perspective | ITC Online Masterclass

Sustainable Business Model – DIHs perspective | ITC Online Masterclass

On June 8th, 2022, ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster organised an Online Masterclass about Sustainable Business Model from the perspective of Digital Innovation Hubs. Sustainable business refers to doing business with profit without negatively impacting the environment and community. The invited speakers presented their good practices and opinion on what is crucial for a sustainable business model. 

The event started with Ana Aleixo, Project Manager of INOVA+ introducing AfriConEU to the audience, emphasizing the future events they can participate in. 

Sasa Straus, Senior Expert at ITC presented the macro-trends regarding sustainable businesses, such as digitalization, emerging new technologies, and a developing new appreciation for the environment, that will create new lifestyles and redefine our value system. Heidi Høy Dyrholm, Innovation Manager of Food & Bio Cluster Denmark showed insights from her organization, which offers knowledge on innovation and green transition within food and bioresources. Later on, Andra Tanase, Trainer and Strategist from Transilvania IT Cluster introduced their best practices and highlighted one of their projects that aims to transform urban metabolism through analyzing material flows and co-creating sustainable strategies. 

Paul Mbua, a Policy Expert in Zixtech Hub delivered an engaging presentation about their sustainable business model. Finally, Gideon Brefo, Chief Executive Officer of HapaSpace compared their initial business model to the current one, explaining the realizations they have to become more sustainable, such as the importance of a high-skilled workforce. In the online Masterclass participants engaged in discussions during the presentations, making the event interactive and a good platform to build their network. 

You can find more details about the event on our Twitter.