Survey for Digital Innovation Hubs Supporters

Survey for Digital Innovation Hubs Supporters

This survey is part of research under the project AfriConEU. The AfriConEU Networking Academy will offer two Flagship Programmes, one of which will be dedicated to Capacity Building for African DIHs. 

The survey is aimed at DIH helpers or supporters (organisations as DIHELP, I4MS, Smart Agri Hubs, etc.), who offer capacity building programmes on the essential topics for the successful functioning of DIHs: establishment, strategy & business development, service portfolio & development, expansion & networking, skills & knowledge creation, communication & awareness creation and sector-specific topics.

With the survey, we would like to have more insight into identifying how DIHs are trained through these programmes, what activities, what training methods are utilised, how knowledge sharing is facilitated, what outcomes are achieved, and how achievement is measured performed; contextual and social factors.

The survey should not take more than 10 minutes.

The questionnaire is here.