Purpose-driven DIH: Building strategies for sustainability and impact | ATBN Online Webinar

Purpose-driven DIH: Building strategies for sustainability and impact

On June 15th, 2022 ATBN organised an online webinar about Building strategies for sustainability and impact. The main aim of the event was to raise the capacities of African DIHs to build effective strategies for balancing sustainability and impact. Also, to help hub leaders to understand the purpose and role of DIHs and how they build processes to enable them to scale their impact.

At the beginning of the event, Ana Aleixo, Project Manager of INOVA+ introduced AfriConEU to the audience and showed the participants the upcoming events they can register for.

Gosbert Chagula, Co-Founder of Startup Discovery School started with a presentation about balancing sustainability and impact. He talked about various good examples and drew the attention of the audience to the importance of building sustainable ecosystems. He emphasized that a strong support structure has a key role in entrepreneurship.

Following the presentation, Gosbert alongside Eunice Baguma Ball, Digital & Gender Inclusion Consultant from ATBN, and  Ball Gideon Brefo, Co-Founder of HapaSpace entered a panel discussion about purpose driven Digital Innovation Hubs. Purpose always has to be built up around the strengths of the hub,  which will help in positioning. As Gideon stated while mapping our purpose we need to have a capacity to fulfill and stay true to it, not to get distracted by opportunities that are not relevant to it. Gosbert added that although purpose will guide you through hard times, pragmatism and awareness of the surroundings you are operating in are just as significant.

You can find more details about the event on our Twitter.