Purpose-Driven Digital Innovation Hubs | Buni Hub Hybrid Workshop

Purpose-Driven Digital Innovation Hubs: A Pan-African Perspective

On May 12th, 2022, Buni Innovation Hub and AfriConEU held a workshop on purpose-driven digital innovation hubs as part of the Innovation Week Tanzania. The workshop was focused on how to support and help innovation hubs to become more competitive by improving their business structure to maximize their impact on the community.

The workshop session was opened by Dr. Amos Nungu, the general director at the Tanzania Commission for science and technology. The discussion panel consisted of the moderator, Jumanne MtambalikeSahara Ventures, and the speakers, Sina LegongmLab SA, Grant Bale – Namibia National Commission on Science, Research and Technology, and Violet Chappe – South African Technology Innovation Agency. Buntu Majaja, the SA Innovation Summit CEO, facilitated the discussion defining the DIH’s Purpose. 

The main inference of the workshop is the need to focus on what works for the ecosystem and, at the same time, try to change what doesn’t work. Tanzania should improve its innovation ecosystem in general, supporting the network, creating high collaborations, and making the connection between hubs and programs. 

You can find more details about the event on our Twitter.