Lessons from European Startups | PBS Online Masterclass

Lessons from European Startups | PBS Online Masterclass

February starts with AfriConEU Networking Academy Events! On the 1st of February, Porto Business School held an online masterclass on “Lessons from European Startups”. This masterclass aimed to provide insights and knowledge about the successful strategies and practices employed by European startups. 

The participants learned about the unique challenges faced by startups and how a company can overcome them to achieve success. They also explored the key factors that have contributed to the growth of the European startup ecosystem and how aspiring entrepreneurs can leverage these lessons to build successful startups of their own. 

Promise Mwakale from Buni Hub took the participants on a journey to discover AfriConEU through a brief presentation. Our main Speaker, João Barros, Chief Platform Officer of Nexar Inc. shared his personal business story with us focusing on the entrepreneurial mindset. As he said, “an experience is worth a thousand pieces of advice”.  

Through the open discussion, he mentioned the common mistakes a new entrepreneur might make such as choosing the wrong people to work with, while highlighting some tips for someone who wants to start something but is hesitant. 

For more information about the event, you can check out AfriConEU’s Twitter page.