International Brokerage Event | Parallel Event | Uganda

International Brokerage Event | Parallel Event | Uganda

On November 2nd and 3rd, 2022, the AfriConEU International Brokerage Event was held in Bologna, Italy, with parallel events taking place around the world. The parallel event in Uganda was held at the Outbox Hub, where several participants attended the event aimed at expanding its network, creating synergies, and bringing African and European DIHs closer.

Several topics were discussed during the two-day event, including business and investment opportunities in the African market, digitalization, jobs for the twenty-first century and employment opportunities, scouting digital entrepreneurs and start-ups in the African market, and progress toward a common digital market and a connected startup ecosystem.

These piqued the interest of the participants, particularly because they were able to share their ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs, learn from other entrepreneurs, and broaden their knowledge horizons on how to attract potential investors as well as leverage the opportunities that exist in the European and African markets in light of the technological era.

In conclusion, the two-day event significantly increased the participants’ knowledge levels and exposed them to possible markets that they can take advantage of in order to build their start-up businesses from a national to an international level.

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