Fast-tracking Technologies to Market | PBS Online Webinar

Fast-tracking Technologies to Market | PBS Online Webinar

On the 24th of May, Porto Business School, under the umbrella of the AfriConEU Networking Academy, hosted an online webinar on “Fast-tracking Technologies to Market”. This workshop aimed to share with the participants valuable information and practical skills to accelerate their innovation journey.

The webinar started with Catarina Reis from PBS, warmly welcoming the participants and giving the floor to Magda Bakali, Project Manager & Researcher from Stimmuli for Social Change to present the opportunities the AfriConEU Project is creating.

Our speaker, Miguel Henriques, Managing partner of GoNeutral gave to attendees a comprehensive understanding of fast-tracking innovation to market and why speed is essential in today’s competitive landscape. He highlighted why failure is often better than inaction stating that “Fail as fast as possible to mitigate the risk in your venture”.

Jorge Fernandes, our second speaker, Innovation Accelerator Strategic Advisor of UN World Food Program reminds us that “we need innovation that end users need to improve their lives”. At the end of the webinar he mentioned that “the true innovation really comes from the start-ups. Large companies try to catch-up with them. A very good example is companies introducing AI”.

Overall, it was a very interesting webinar. Our speakers helped the attendees to recognize when to adopt a fast-tracking strategy, choose the right approach, select ideal partners, and develop superior products and solutions for their target markets.