Easy Employ

Team: Expendables
Easy Employ (Tukole) is a revolutionary digital talent marketplace in Uganda, designed to tackle the pressing issue of youth and women unemployment by addressing the critical gap in marketable and entrepreneurial skills. This platform stands out with its innovative approach to skill development and verification, providing individuals with the opportunity to curate their portfolios for free, while also offering a membership-based model for skill verification. It disruptively connects trained and verified individuals with potential employers, thereby creating a direct pathway to employment. Additionally, Easy Employ engages businesses through a subscription model for job listings, further integrating the employment ecosystem. The platform also capitalizes on advertising opportunities, enhancing business visibility across various sectors. This dual approach effectively bridges the unemployment gap, aiming to equip approximately 215,000 potentially jobless graduates each year (representing 64% to 70% of the annual 400,000 graduates) with the necessary skills. By combining skill development with a digital marketplace, Easy Employ creates a sustainable ecosystem for ongoing employment and business growth, offering a comprehensive and unique solution to the unemployment challenge in Uganda.

Team Members

Ogwal Ogemo

Devlin Guthrie





Mohammed Khaliff