Durable funding sources for DIH | ATBN Online Webinar

Durable funding sources for DIH | ATBN Online Webinar

On the 19th of October 2022, ATBN, in the framework of AfriConEU Networking Academy, hosted an online Webinar about durable funding sources for DIH. The Webinar aimed to inform about the best practices of funding models for tech companies.

The event started with Eunice Baguma Bali, Digital & Gender Inclusion Consultant from ATBN, who introduced ATBN, and Ana Aleixo, Project Manager from INOVA+, introducing the AfriConEU project to the participants. 

This presentation was followed by a Slideshare from Eunice Baguma Bali who presented the main advantages and disadvantages of Funding Models for DIHs. This led to an interesting discussion between Richard Zulu, founder and lead at Outbox, Daniel Yennube Nang, the Executive Director of Dansyn Innovation Hub and Dansyn Micro-Credit Services, and Gideon Brefo, CEO of HapaSpace.

The speakers elaborated on how they received the funds for the setup of their company. They also gave tips on approaching stakeholders to finance their business idea. They underlined the importance of maintaining the resources for the company’s founding and for every future step.

The meaning of the webinar was that when you’re searching for partners, you have to create a mutual benefit. This is an adding value both for the DIH and for the funder.

You can find more details about the event on our Twitter.