Digital Innovation Hubs Capacity Building

The aim is to raise the capacities of African DIHs in serving in the best ways their own needs and long-term sustainability as well as the needs of local SMEs, Startups and young people with an emphasis on women and people from marginalized backgrounds.


Technology transfer in Innovative and disruptive technologies (AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data etc.).

DIHs development models and multi actor approach.

Startups access to finance.

Digital and Entrepreneurial skills for i) Professionals, ii) Women and iii) Marginalized Youth.

AfriConEU Capacity Building Flagship Programme

Activity 2 | Webinar

DIH Strategy and Strategy Resources by ITC

May 2022

Activity 3 | Masterclass

Sustainable business model –  DIHs perspective by ITC

June 2022

Activity 4 | Local Workshop in Ghana

DIH strategy and strategy resources by Hapa Space

June 2022

Activity 5 | Webinar

Purpose-driven DIH: Building strategies for sustainability and impact by ATBN

June 2022

Activity 6 | Masterclass

Gender-lens Finance-Bridging the gender finance gap by ITC

July 2022

Activity 7 | Local Workshop in Ghana

DIH Business Model by Hapa Space

July 2022

Activity 8 | Webinar

Gender lens innovation – Building inclusive ecosystems by ATBN

June 2022

Activity 9 | Webinar

DIH Business Model by ITC

July 2022

Activity 10 | Webinar

The Business Model Navigator by ITC

September 2022

Activity 11 | Webinar

Collaborate to Innovate by ATBN

September 2022

Activity 12 | Masterclass

Essentials of Innovation FInance by ITC

October 2022

Activity 13 | Webinar

Durable funding sources for digital innovation hubs by ATBN

October 2022

Activity 14 | International Brokerage Event

International Brokerage Events by dPixel

November 2022

Activity 15 | Workshop

Building An Inspiring Business Model by hapaSpace

November 2022

Activity 16 | Webinar

Phases of Investment by ATBN

November 2022


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