DIH Business Model | HapaSpace Hybrid Workshop

DIH Business Model | HapaSpace Hybrid Workshop

On 12th of July, hapaSpace in partnership with Buni, ECA and Outbox in the framework of AfriconEU Networking Academy hosted a hybrid workshop about DIH Business Model. The offline part of the event took place in Kumasi, Ghana while several participants were able to follow and actively participate in the event from all over the world.

The aim of the event was to help participants link strategy and business modeling and understand different business models of Digital Innovation Hubs. The workshop consisted of a panel discussion and several interactive activities among the participants both on-site and virtually.

The speakers of the panel discussion were Gideon Brefo and Douglas Israel Boateng from hapaSpace, Adwoa Fouse, CEO of Women’s Haven Africa, George Antwi, CEO of AgricoHub, and Erasmus Mensah Ackon CEO of Duapa Werkspace. The speakers discussed why digital innovation hubs are needed and how they operate. DIHs create and facilitate assets and resources for entrepreneurs and start-ups to be able to create values, and establish network opportunities by providing a place for stakeholders to interact and stimulate innovation. They are incubators and accelerators that understand the needs of start-ups and create a support system.

During the activities of the event, the audience gained information about different business models for digital innovation hubs by Samuel Aboagye, Founder of Whizzy Academy, such as the grantee, networker, consultant, agent and builder models. They also gained practical knowledge by interacting and broadening their network. 

 You can find more details about the event on our Twitter.