Public Deliverables

This page is dedicated to AfriConEU’s public deliverables which will be uploaded here.

Deliverable Deliverable name Month
D1.1 Management and Quality plan – Year 1 M2 
D1.2 Management and Quality plan – Year 2 M18
D1.3 Management and Quality plan – Year 3 M30
D1.4 Data Management Plan – Year 1 M3
D1.5 Data Management Plan – Year 2 M18
D1.6 Data Management Plan – Year 3 M36
D1.7 Innovation and  IPR Management Strategy (Interim) M20
D1.8 Innovation and IPR Management Strategy (Final) M36
D2.1 State of Play in African DIHs: The Case of Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania M7
D2.2 Online Database with DIHs Capacity Building Programmes M7
D2.3 Lessons from Existing Initiatives and Good Practices for Enforcing DIHs Capacities M8
D2.4 Challenges and Opportunities for Transcontinental Collaboration M10
D3.1 Capacity Building Flagship Programme M12
D3.2 Structure and Training Material for Local Workshops M11
D3.3 Webinars Content and Design M11
D3.4 Inventory of Capacity Building Resources and Ready to Use Training Material M12
D3.5 Online Masterclass M13
D3.6 Trans-Continental Partnership Building Flagship Programme M14
D4.1 Implementation Plan M15
D4.2 Engagement Strategy and Activities Reported M15
D4.3 Networking and Knowledge Sharing Events Report M26
D4.4 Webinars Report M26
D4.5 Brokerage Event Report M20
D4.6 Design Thinking Bootcamps Report M29
D4.7 Online Masterclass Report M30
D4.8 Capitalisation and Celebration Event Report M33
D4.9 Monitoring and Assessment Methodology M19
D4.10 Impact Assessment Results M34
D5.1 The AfriConEU Community Report (Interim) M13
D5.2 The AfriConEU Community Report (Final) M35
D5.3 The AfriConEU Deployment Toolkit M36
D5.4 AfriConEU Policy Recommendations M27
D5.5 Blueprint on DIHs Trans-continental Cooperation M36
D6.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan – First version M3
D6.2 Dissemination and Communication Plan – Second version M13
D6.3 Dissemination and Communication Plan –Third version M28
D6.4 Dissemination and Communication Plan – Final version M36
D6.5 Dissemination Toolkit and Project’s Website M3
D6.6 Electronic newsletter –  First Release M6
D6.7 Electronic newsletter – Second Release M12
D6.8 Electronic newsletter – Third Release M18
D6.9 Electronic newsletter – Fourth Release M24
D6.10 Electronic newsletter – Fifth Release M30
D6.11 Electronic newsletter – Sixth Release M36
D6.12 Synergies Creation Plan and Report (Interim) M25
D6.13 Synergies Creation Plan and Report (Final) M34
D6.14 Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (Interim) M25
D6.15 Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (Final) M36