Meet the partners


INOVA+ Innovation Services S.A. (INOVA+) – Portugal

INOVA+ is a Portuguese company specialised in supporting the growth of organisations through innovation, international cooperation and digital transformation. INOVA+ recognises that international cooperation is key to differentiation and growth. Operating in numerous fields, we develop innovative initiatives collaborating with an extensive network of partners in several countries.

INOVA+ is the project coordinator.

Contact person: Ana Solange Leal


Emerging Communities Africa (ECA) – Nigeria

Emerging Communities Africa is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 with a focus on catalyzing technology development in emerging communities across Africa. ECA’s vision is to establish and support innovation ecosystems within underserved communities across Africa by growing enterprise and human capital with access to critical soft skills, infrastructure, and funding to catalyze the growth.

ECA is a key partner for implementing the project in Nigeria and ensuring the active involvement of Nigerian ecosystem builders and entrepreneurs in the project activities.

Contact person: Peace Odili


Youthmakers Hub (YMH) – Greece

Youthmakers Hub is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) from Greece with the vision to make young people be the change they want to see in the world and the mission to empower and equip them with the necessary tools and skills for the future.

Youthmakers Hub is responsible for designing the project’s dissemination and communication strategy, channels and tools, and coordinating the project’s dissemination activities as a whole.

Contact person: Marilena Maragkou



Porto Business School (PBS) is the business school of the University of Porto, Portugal, focused on executive education (MBAs, executive masters, and short programmes), custom programmes, acceleration programmes, applied research, consultancy, and funded projects.

PBS coordinates the design and development of the AfriConEU Academy programmes and tools due to the excellent knowledge of the organization in education and learning design and the experience it brings in supporting the establishment of the digital innovation hub in Porto.

Contact person: Catarina Reis


OUTBOX (U) LIMITED – Outbox – Uganda

Outbox is an innovation and entrepreneurship support organization that brings together the infrastructure, people, knowledge, and capital that supports entrepreneurs through the growth of inclusive communities that foster talent and create value where it operates.

Outbox Limited is a key partner for implementing the project in Uganda and ensuring the active involvement of Ugandan ecosystem builders and entrepreneurs in the project activities.

Contact person: Perez Apiyo Masinde


DPIXEL SRL (dpixel) – Italy

dpixel S.r.l. is an Italian innovation company specialized in supporting the growth of Startups and the innovation processes of companies and institutions and promoter of Startup Africa Roadtrip, a nonprofit initiative to connect and cross-fertilize African Startup ecosystems with the Italian and European ones.

dpixel coordinates the International Brokerage Event and Activity and the Final Capitalisation and Celebration Event, given its prior experience with Startup Africa Road Trip and its access to DIHs, Investor Networks, and Startups.

Contact person: Andrea Censoni



Stimmuli is a non-profit, mission-driven organization, envisioning to inspire future education, social innovation and ignite positive change in society. To achieve its mission, the organization designs and implements educational and capacity-building projects that cultivate entrepreneurial mind-sets, innovative attitudes, and nudge behavioral shifts for more sustainable communities.

Stimmuli is responsible for designing the impact assessment methodology of the project; Monitor, track and evaluate all the AfriConEU Academy activities based on specific impact indicators for all the stakeholders involved, so as to produce solid and impartial evidence about the effectiveness and impact of the AfriConEU Networking Academy.

Contact person: Irene Kalemaki



ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster Murska Sobota (ITC) is a non-profit Business Support Organization located in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia, with a vision to foster cross-sectoral innovation and implementation of novel technologies and ICT in rural-based sectors.

ITC is responsible for the research activities exploring existing DIHs capacity building programmes in Europe and Africa and to engage European DIHs and relevant stakeholders in the project’s structures and activities.

Contact person: Sasa Straus


Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology – Buni Innovation Hub – Tanzania

Buni is an Innovation hub that fosters innovation and technology entrepreneurship through capacity building and youth development programmes. Buni is an entity under the Commission for Science and Technology in Tanzania (COSTECH) under the centre of development and technology transfer directory. Buni’s goal is to physique impactful Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation enablers and leaders (especially in Innovation Spaces) who will support and lead Innovators/Startups to Innovate and solve challenges which are facing local communities. Buni is also focusing on identifying and supporting STARTUPS/Innovators at a very early stage.

Buni Innovation Hub is a key partner for implementing the project in Tanzania and ensuring the active involvement of Tanzanian ecosystem builders and entrepreneurs in the project activities.

Contact person: Edwin Bakalemwa


Africa Technology Business Network – ATBN – United Kingdom

ATBN is a UK-based social enterprise working to connect and empower innovators, businesses, and investors to harness technology for sustainable development in Africa. Its mission is to build a more inclusive, skilled, and globally connected African tech ecosystem.

ATBN is responsible for coordinating the local context and needs analysis, designing the AfriConEU Academy programmes, and contributing to webinars and masterclasses delivery with a special focus on supporting DIHs towards best serving women in tech.

Contact person: Eunice Baguma Ball


Hapa Foundation – Hapa Space- Ghana

Hapa Space Innovation hub is a tech and collaborative space that seeks to provide entrepreneurial, employability, and business support services for the youth to build successful and sustainable businesses for economic development and impact with emphasis on technology.

Hapa Space is a key partner for implementing the project in Ghana and ensuring the active involvement of Ghanaian ecosystem builders and entrepreneurs in the project activities.

Contact person: Gideon Brefo