Consortium Short Interviews

Consortium Short Interviews

The brand new campaign of AfriConEU is the Consortium Short Interviews. Representatives from all partner organizations reply shortly in specific questions; describe AfriConEU with one word, which is the innovation behind AfriConEU project and what is the impact of AfriConEU for their country.

The representatives of AfriConEU Consortium participating are:

Tânia Moreira, Project Manager, INOVA+

Peace Odili, Project Manager, ECA

Cynthia Kyofuna, Communications and Marketing Lead, Outbox

Joseph Gaylord, Analyst, dPixel 

Marilena Maragkou, Co-founder & Program Coordinator, Youthmakers Hub

Sasa Straus, Senior Expert, ITC

Magda Bakali, Project Manager & Researcher, Stimmuli For Social Change

Catarina Reis, Project Officer, Porto Business School

Gideon Brefo, Chief Executive Officer, hapaSpace Collaborative Hub

Eunice Baguma Ball, Director, Africa Technology Business Network

Promise Mwakale, Project Manager, Buni Innovation Hub

You can watch all the short interviews at our YouTube Channel.