Consortium Meeting in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Consortium Meeting in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

On the 17th of July 2023, a truly momentous event unfolded as AfriConEU partners gathered for their second physical meeting, uniting the two bootcamps in Uganda and Tanzania. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm as esteemed consortium members came together, eager to build upon the progress achieved since their last meeting in Bologna, and above all, to discuss the AfriConEU Networking Academy.

One of the key highlights of the meeting was the evaluation of the bootcamp in Uganda, aimed at identifying areas of improvement for the upcoming bootcamp in Tanzania. The consortium members also emphasized their future plans for bootcamps in Ghana and Nigeria, scheduled for September, with a shared determination to make them even more successful.

In pursuit of excellence, the meeting focused on WP4 – Monitoring and Assessment. This included an in-depth discussion about the Impact Assessment of the Academy’s Results and the Metrics/KPIs relevant to the project. The participants engaged in thoughtful conversations on ways to assess and measure the project’s impact.

Next on the agenda was a Workshop on the Exploitation of the Project’s Results. The consortium collectively brainstormed how the AfriConEU activities, materials, and impacts could extend beyond the project duration, ensuring a lasting positive influence on the communities they touch. INOVA+ and Stimmuli shared their perspectives on the AfriConEU Deployment Toolkit and the Blueprint on DIHs Transcontinental Cooperation, sparking innovative ideas for future implementation and dissemination.

Towards the end, the meeting culminated with a presentation on WP6 – Communication and Dissemination. Here, the consortium celebrated the main achievements of the project thus far and outlined the remaining KPIs they strive to achieve. They eagerly prepared the AfriConEU’s website for the period beyond its completion, showcasing their endeavors’ remarkable results and impacts.

The success of the Dar es Salaam meeting served as a testament to the power of partnership and collaboration. It further reinforced the consortium’s commitment to fostering sustainable development, driving social progress, and igniting positive change across Africa. The consortium’s dedication remains unwavering as they continue exploring new avenues for growth, seeking innovative solutions to challenges, and nurturing the spirit of cooperation that defines AfriConEU.

Together, they are on a remarkable journey, impacting lives, shaping the future, and creating a brighter tomorrow for Africa and its people.