Charting a Path Forward: AfriConEU Consortium Meeting in Abuja

Charting a Path Forward: AfriConEU Consortium Meeting in Abuja

On September 15, 2023, a successful event unfolded as partners of AfriConEU convened for their third in-person meeting. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as esteemed members of the consortium came together, eager to build upon the progress made since their last gathering in Tanzania and the successful execution of three events.

A key highlight of the meeting was the evaluation of the bootcamp held in Nigeria, aimed at identifying areas for improvement for the upcoming and final bootcamp in Ghana. The consortium members also outlined their plans for the project’s culminating event, the Final Capitalization Event in Portugal, which aims to bring together all stakeholders, investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators involved throughout the AfriConEU.

The discussion revolved around the Deployment Toolkit, with the consortium collectively brainstorming how AfriConEU’s activities, materials, and impacts could have a lasting positive influence on the communities they engage with, extending beyond the project’s duration.

Towards the end of the meeting, attention turned to WP6 – Communication and Dissemination, where the consortium celebrated the fact that the project’s website was selected as one of the top three finalists in the .eu Web Awards 2023. Additionally, they highlighted the significant growth in numbers achieved following the Bootcamp in Nigeria.

The success of the Abuja meeting underscored the power of partnership and collaboration. It reaffirmed the consortium’s dedication to promoting sustainable development, advancing social progress, and sparking positive change across Africa. Their commitment remains steadfast as they continue to explore new avenues for growth, seek innovative solutions to challenges, and nurture the spirit of cooperation that defines AfriConEU.

Together, they are on an extraordinary journey, making a meaningful impact on lives, shaping the future, and working towards a brighter tomorrow for Africa and its people.