Building An Inspiring Business Model | hapaSpace Workshop

Building An Inspiring Business Model | hapaSpace Workshop

The “Building an inspiring business model” workshop that took place at hapaspace on Tuesday 22nd November, 2022 as part of the AfriConEU project was a timely one. It brought together key points from the two previous workshops and summed them all up cohesively into a comprehensive masterpiece. It was a hybrid workshop with participants engaged both  online (on zoom) and in person (at the hub).

The speaker, Mr. Samuel Aboagye (Managing Lead of Whizzy Academy) did well to connect this workshop with the previous.By doing so, he talked about the business model canvas and its different components then introduced participants to the OKR Framework. He explained that an OKR stands for objective and key results and this aids to measure or capture value.  The objectives which are set at the organizational level, as wide goals help to provide clear value for the organization. While the key results are the “hows” the objectives are going to be achieved. Thus the KRs describe measurable deliverables and results not activities.

What most participants enjoyed was how easy they could understand and apply this OKR framework to their businesses right there and then as the practical sessions began. Participants were put into groups and tasked to apply the OKR framework to a business and this activity yielded amazing results as the participants’ presentations displayed later.

The participants later stated in more ways than one how the workshop was going to help their organizations or businesses capture or measure the value every employee puts into the business and the overall value of their businesses.

You can find more details about the event on our Twitter.