Building a Theory of Change | Stimmuli for Social Change Online Masterclass

Building a Theory of Change | Stimmuli for Social Change Online Masterclass

Another one AfriConEU Networking Academy Event was a success! On the 9th of February, Stimmuli for Social Change hosted its first online masterclass entitled “Building a Theory of Change. The masterclass” aim was to give advice on how to assess the impact that allows managers, investors, policy-makers, and implementers to make better informed decisions to enhance and strengthen their programs and modify or reassign resources of those programs that are not achieving their objectives.

Magda Bakali, Project Manager & Researcher from Stimmuli for Social Change, kicked off the event by warmly welcoming the participants and introducing the speakers. Stav Bar-Shany, Director ATBN, Social Innovation Consultant proceeded with the presentation of the AfriConEU reminding the participants the opportunities that are available and free throughout the project.

Konstantinos Vadratsikas, Senior Researcher & Project Manager from Stimmuli for Social Change took the floor and explained what is actually the process of impact assessment, why it is important to measure our impact and what distincts the impact assessment from other evaluation methods. As he mentioned,  “Monitoring is not an evaluation tool, it is more of a project management tool”. Then, Stav Bar-Shany continued presenting the fundamentals that make a theory of change and how to create this strategy step by step. She highlighted that “Theory of change is a dynamic process”.

Last but not least, Gideon Brefo, Co-Founder of hapaSpace presented his case study about the SmartWoman Project and what challenges he faced. At the end of the session, the participants were separated into breakout rooms and filled the “Theory of Change” Templates based on their own projects.

For more information about the event, you can check out AfriConEU’s Twitter page.