Are you interested in volunteering on the AfriConEU project?

Please take note of the following duties you will be undertaking now that you have a basic grasp of the project:

  1. As an ambassador, you are responsible for increasing involvement by promoting the AfriConEU initiative on social media, in your community, and with your networks.
  2. You will identify events/programs at which the AfriConEU project can be presented to capitalize on their audience.
  3. You will be expected to assist/support in the preparations, planning, and invitation of people to physical programs and plan/organize a physical program in your region to support the AfriConEU project.

Please note that because this is a volunteer position, you will not be paid; however, you will receive a certificate and be featured on the AfriConEU social media and website following your volunteer experience.

AfriConEU Ambassadors

“My experience as an Ambassador has been insightful and inspiring. As part of a DIH I feel we got the support in developing digital entrepreneurship and an opportunity to build our capacities and networking activities. I have been able to meet people from the EU and other African countries, learn a great of innovations from them and share knowledge while learning from each other’s experiences”, Huzaifa Issahaku

“My experience as an Ambassador of AfriConEu was nothing short of amazing!! I particularly enjoyed the webinar on Business Models as it covered essential steps to navigate your business, especially in today’s competitive economy. So glad to have been a part of the AfriConEU project 2022!”, Olatunji Bamidele

“As an ambassador, I was ensuring engaging stakeholders throughout the AfriConEU academy activities also To foster networking, experience sharing, collaborations, and partnerships for the successful implementation of the goals of the AfriConEU Project also To publicize and create awareness about the AfriConEU project in the African Continent and European Union and To identify relevant stakeholders to the project and reach out to them Startup Founders, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) Managers, Tech Enthusiasts, Techpreneurs, Investors.”, Paul Bahati


“It’s been a great journey of life-changing moments. To share my experience, the space will not be enough. It was a nice and great experience serving as an ambassador. A journey full of lesson learning and a great contributor to my knowledge base on business models, innovation, funding and more.” Francis Quayson


I am humbled to be among the ambassador of AfriConEU project as it helped to get skills networking, exposure, a partnership through successful entrepreneurs for the growth and  sustainability of the organization I lead.” Mariah Lashau

My experience as AfriConEU Ambassador has been all about marketing AfriConEU, networking with Incubation hubs, DIH, attending events and making presentations about AfriConEU to partners in the startup ecosystem,” Nelson Mandela


AfriconEU has exposed me more to networking, innovation, and opportunities. Being an ambassador has helped me to influence my community by inviting them to join the monthly webinars. Their feedback has been amazing, and glad to have been a conduit for impact to them.  The most remarkable moment for me was when we were grouped to deliberate, I got insights from other amazing attendees and the brokerage event helped me to connect with other innovators within my region. AfriConEU has indeed sharpened my knowledge”, Jude Akinyemi. 

“It was a great experience as I developed certain qualities like teamwork and collaboration, creativity and also networking skills”   Muniru Abdul Na-eem


“Throughout the program, I had the opportunity to network, collaborate, and build purposeful partnerships, conduct entrepreneurship outreach in my local community to inspire and motivate other entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the Congolese Innovation ecosystem such as Innovation Hub. I also got the capacity building for my organization from the AfriConEU project”, Relance Kataliko.


“Through well-planned training and workshops, this program has allowed me to gain business skills and expanded my eyes. I also made wonderful friends and improved my ability to use social media efficiently. I strongly urge entrepreneurs, investors, and members of digital innovation hubs to enroll in the AfriConEU Networking Academy”, Muhammad Bala Kado.


“It was an eye-opener. It also gave me more insight to face any problem that comes my way”, Silas Nyarko.

“It was a great experience and Time; I am so glad to support the African and European communities anytime,” Samuel Adeyinka Owa


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