AfriConEU won the .eu Web Award 2023: The Laurels Category

AfriConEU won the .eu Web Award 2023: The Laurels Category

In a dazzling ceremony at Maison du Bois in Brussels, the 10th annual .eu Web Awards unfolded, showering recognition on the crème de la crème of .eu, .ею, and .ευ websites. Hosted by EURid, the event brought together industry leaders, web enthusiasts, and visionaries to celebrate digital excellence. AfriConEU emerged victorious, clinching an award that reflects our commitment to innovation, creativity, and online prowess.

The night kicked off with TV presenter Ray Cokes adding charm to the atmosphere. Awards were presented in a stylish manner, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. Amidst the excitement, AfriConEU emerged as a standout winner. Our project’s dedication to online excellence was acknowledged with a prestigious .eu Web Award. This recognition not only applauds our website but also underlines our positive impact in the digital realm. Our victory highlights our commitment to innovation, user engagement, and delivering valuable content online. We aim to set a standard for a stellar online presence. This award is a stepping stone to a promising future. We remain dedicated to providing a cutting-edge digital experience, continually pushing the boundaries of online excellence.


Our journey in the competition

The first phase of the competition was an online voting process. Out of 863 nominations in various categories, AfriConEU was chosen as one of the 3 finalists in “The Laurels” category. With a total of 601 votes, we secured the second-highest number of votes among all nominees. At the second and last phase, a steering committee of 5 experts evaluated the finalists and chose the winners based on the criteria of a. Content, b. Structure, Navigation and Functionality, c. Visual Design, and d. Accessibility.

The .eu Web Awards 2023 celebrated the diversity of the digital landscape, and AfriConEU’s win symbolizes our ongoing commitment to excellence online. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to inspiring others in the online community and setting new standards in the digital world.