AfriConEU Deliverables M1-M18

AfriConEU Deliverables M1-M18

The Consortium submitted the Interim Report as stated in the Agreement for the period M1-M18. Moreover, the Consortium participated in the Review Meeting organized by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency to present the results for the reporting period. All deliverables submitted for the reporting period were accepted by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency and are public on the project’s website.

According to the evaluation, AfriConEU is an Innovation Action aiming at developing, testing, and validating the AfriConEU Networking Academy”, an innovative mechanism for connecting and sharing best practices, experiences, and resources between DIHs in Africa and between DIHs in Africa and the EU, in a comprehensive, replicable, and self-sustaining way. The actions conducted so far in the project focused on identifying the digital ecosystem in the four countries (Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania) and presenting the lessons learned and some good practices to enforce DIH capacities. Furthermore, a complete guide for organizing the masterclasses and meeting the needs of local DIHs was presented. The communication and dissemination are excellent. All the deliverables were submitted as expected”.

The accepted deliverables for M1-M18 are:

D1.1 Management and Quality plan – Year 1

D1.2 Management and Quality plan – Year 2

D1.4 Data Management Plan – Year 1 

D1.5 Data Management Plan – Year 2

D2.1 State of Play in African DIHs: The Case of Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

D2.2 Online Database with DIHs Capacity Building Programmes

D2.3 Lessons from Existing Initiatives and Good Practices for Enforcing DIHs Capacities

D2.4 Challenges and Opportunities for Transcontinental Collaboration

D3.1 Capacity Building Flagship Programme

D3.2 Structure and Training Material for Local Workshops

D3.3 Webinars Content and Design

D3.4 Inventory of Capacity Building Resources and Ready to Use Training Material

D3.5 Online Masterclass

D3.6 Trans-Continental Partnership Building Flagship Programme

D4.1 Implementation Plan

D4.2 Engagement Strategy and Activities Reported

D5.1 The AfriConEU Community Report (Interim)

D6.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan – First version

D6.2 Dissemination and Communication Plan – Second version

D6.5 Dissemination Toolkit and Project’s Website

D6.6 Electronic newsletter –  First Release

D6.7 Electronic newsletter – Second Release

D6.8 Electronic newsletter – Third Release