AfriConEU Breakfast Discussion

AfriConEU Breakfast Discussion

On 23rd of August, Emerging Communities of Africa organized the session “Breakfast Discussion” in the Akure Metropolis in Lagos. The Akure Metropolis Startup and Technology ecosystem is growing effortlessly and it will be great to partner with organizations and establishments in it. This event was an opportunity to share better on the various developments, a breakfast discussion for Founders, Digital Innovation Hubs Managers, and SMEs.


  • Intentional Analysis of SMEs and DIHs to identify problems and feasible solutions – to help organizing partners know where to focus on while preparing their activities.
  • DIHs and SMEs will be able to leverage on resources (events, newsletters etc.) provided by the AfriConEU project
  • Financing, Investment and Networking Opportunities
  • Discuss practical approach to building with respect to Government Policies, 
  • Talent Sourcing,
  • Networking and collaboration between DIHs and SMEs
  • Opportunities for SMEs growth


  • Publicizing AfriConEU to the target audience at the event
  • Get individuals and DIHs willng to volunteer on the AfriConEU project
  • Get individuals and DIHs willing to share their success stories on the AfriConEU platform
  • Collect feedbacks on what DIHs and SMEs would love to see on the AfriConEU project
  • Enlighten DIHs and SMEs on the AfriConEU academy activities.

Find more information about AfriConeU Ambassadors here.