AfriConEU Bootcamp in Uganda completed!

AfriConEU Bootcamp in Uganda completed!

We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the AfriConEU Bootcamp in Uganda. A heartfelt shoutout goes to the participating teams for sharing their innovative ideas and the mentors & partners for their pivotal role in making this Bootcamp a roaring success. Your guidance, endless support, and contagious energy have been the secret sauce behind this extraordinary journey. 

During the Bootcamp, we had the privilege of hosting: Over 80 participants, eager to learn and make a difference. 8 facilitators, guiding and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, 5 inspiring speakers, sharing their wisdom and insights, 3 panelists, engaging in thought-provoking discussions, teams, collaborating and pushing boundaries. And of course, 3 winners, showcasing their exceptional innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The Bootcamp was an incredible experience, encompassing learning, networking, design thinking, inspiring speeches, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It was a true celebration of African talent and the power of collaboration! 

Bootcamp Highlights: 

Day 1: Ideation On the first day, participants dove into the exciting world of ideation. Through interactive sessions and group activities, they explored personal and team goals, identified areas of expertise, and mapped out the challenges or problems they aimed to address. Guided by facilitators, they generated innovative project ideas and refined them using ideation techniques such as brainstorming and World café, laying the foundation for developing their projects. 

Day 2: Consolidation The second day focused on consolidating project ideas and developing comprehensive plans. Participants received valuable insights on European angel investment and how it can benefit African startups. With the support of facilitators, they refined project concepts, conducted ideation synthesis, and defined project scopes and objectives. Through tools like clustering, dot voting, and ideation matrix, they further refined ideas and developed solid project frameworks, preparing for the next stage of the bootcamp. 

Day 3: Presentation On the final day, participants presented their projects to real users and potential investors. They pitched their ideas and showcased prototypes or mock-ups developed during the bootcamp. Through a hybrid format, combining in-person and virtual interactions, they received valuable feedback and insights from the audience. This day was dedicated to refining presentation skills, gaining exposure, and maximizing the chances of attracting interest and support for their projects. Throughout the bootcamp, there were networking sessions, interviews, and opportunities to connect with fellow participants, mentors, and industry experts. Attendees also benefited from inspiring speeches and workshops, setting the stage for a transformative learning experience. By the end of the bootcamp, participants gained valuable knowledge, refined project ideas, expanded their professional networks, and equipped themselves with the tools and confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. The AfriConEU Bootcamp in Uganda was a testament to Africa’s innovation, talent, and collaborative spirit. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and impact of the ideas that have emerged from this transformative event. 

Worth to mention that #AfriConEU was trend No1 in Uganda the last day of the bootcamp, you can find more info here.