AfriConEU Ambassadors

AfriConEU Ambassadors

Are you interested in contributing your bit to the AfriConEU Project?

Then Join our Ambassador Program.

Please take note of the following responsibilities expected of an AfriConEU Ambassador:

  1. As an Ambassador, you are responsible for increased participation and engagement in academy activities by promoting the AfriConEU project on social media; in your local community, and within your network.
  2. Identify events and programs with the same target audience as the AfriConEU project to publicize and create awareness about the project.
  3. Assist/support in the preparations, planning, and invitation of persons in your community & within your network to physical/virtual programs organized by the AfriConEU in your region.
  4. Identification of inspiring projects/initiatives in your community and within your network worth sharing on the AfriConEU platform.

Kindly note that this Ambassador program is to be carried out pro bono you will have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and build purposeful partnerships throughout the program. However, a Certificate of Recognition and a feature on the AfriConEU website are guaranteed at the end of the Ambassador program.