AfriConEU Ambassadors Closing Session

AfriConEU Ambassadors Closing Session

The closing session of the AfriConEU Ambassador program brought together 12 ambassadors from 4 African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda), who had the opportunity to network and share their experiences of the program.

At the start of the ambassador program a total of 144 applications were received and 37 individuals were accepted, including some from Germany and DRC which are not beneficiary countries on the AfriConEU project.

During the session, each ambassador shared how the AfriConEU Networking Academy activities have impacted them and their overall experience with the program. One ambassador, Olatunji Bamidele from Nigeria reported that the webinar on “Business Model” was crucial to the health-tech startup they work with, as it helped them to refine their strategy and increase revenue. Another shared that an individual he invited to attend a webinar said the webinar helped their team develop a stronger pitch deck to present their brand to stakeholders.

The session also featured a recognition segment, where each AfriConEU partner acknowledged the ambassadors’ contributions to the project and encouraged them to continue being an asset to the community. It is worth mentioning that one of the ambassadors from Nigeria organized a TEDx event in November 2022 which provided a platform for the AfriConEU team in Nigeria to present the AfriConEU project.

After the event, certificates were given out to each ambassador in recognition of their contributions to the program. Emerging Communities Africa, a partner on the AfriConEU project who oversaw the ambassador program, handed out these certificates.

Overall, the closing session of the AfriConEU Ambassador program was a great success, bringing together a diverse group of individuals and showcasing the impact of the program. The event marked the end of a journey but also the beginning of a new one, as the ambassadors will continue to use the skills and knowledge acquired during the program to drive innovation and development in their communities.

You can find more about the Ambassadors here.